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A community working and living together


Neighbors enjoying the security and peace of mind of a community knit together in its desire to live quietly, in respect for each other, and to keep each other's interests in mind as the community grows.

East Montgomery

East Montgomery is one of the most sought after regions in the city of Montgomery to live in, and rightly so. Neighborhoods like Lake Forest and Mitylene Forest are examples of communities in East Montgomery where families both young and old can achieve the dream of a quiet home with friendly and respectful neighbors surrounding them.

Beautiful Surroundings

One of the benefits of living in Lake Forest / Mitylene Forest neighborhoods is the pride which neighbors take in their homes and yards!

One of the paramount concerns residents have are the aesthetics of their neighborhood. Lake Forest / Mitylene Forest residents take pride in the high quality of their home and lawn presentations.

Homeowner Membership

Enjoy the benefits of Association Membership

Being a member of the homeowner association has its benefits! Communities with a strong communication network are safer and neighbors enjoy each other's company more. Having neighbors who watch our for each other makes the entire neighborhood safer to children and adults to enjoy.


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Being a member of the Lake Forest / Mitylene Forest Neighborhood Association has...


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Lake Forest and Mitylene Forest Neighborhood Association

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